Types Of Senior Housing

Posted on: 9 April 2015


There comes a time when taking care of the family home all by yourself just doesn't make a lot of sense anymore. Why use all of your money and your energy mowing grass, mopping floors and painting window frames? If you're looking for a place to live after you retire, you may likely be confused about all of the different types of senior housing available in Canada these days. The truth is, there's something for most any need, from people who are independent, but don't want the burden of a large house anymore, to those who require continuous medical care.

1. Adult communities. There are a myriad of "over 55" housing developments and apartment communities springing up all over Canada. These types of facilities are geared towards those independent older adults who prefer not to have young children around. Many such communities also have common facilities like a swimming pool, tennis courts and a club house, and they sponsor a full schedule of social activities.

2.  Assisted living housing. Assisted living communities are designed for older people who just need a little help, but not full time care. Such facilities generally have a dining room for meals, housekeeping services, transportation services and care givers who help with things like making sure you take your medications, dressing and bathing. These communities usually also offer a full social activity calendar.

3. Continuing care communities. A growing trend in senior housing is the proliferation of continuing care communities. These facilities let residents "age in place," offering a range of care options from independent living to full nursing care. When a person's care needs change, they simply switch to a different section of the same community. They don't have to relocate, leave their friends and get acquainted with an entirely new staff.

4. Traditional nursing homes. Traditional nursing homes, also called skilled nursing centers, are designed to offer more full-time medical assistance than the other types of senior housing. This can be a long-term or a short-term need. Such facilities offer 24/7 supervision, regular nursing care and a live-in or on-call physician, physical therapy, occupational therapy and heightened security. Like the other types of housing, nursing homes offer meals and social activities, when applicable.

There's no one perfect type of senior housing facility for all people over age 55. The type of community you and your family choose will depend on your health, your lifestyle and your budget. To learn more, contact a company like schlegel village community.