Three Ways To Help An Elderly Parent Settle Into A Retirement Home

Posted on: 12 November 2015


Making the move to a retirement home like Retirement Homes at Greenview Lodge can be a challenge for anyone, especially if he or she has spent several years living in the same home. This adjustment, however, can be pleasant. Modern retirement homes feature a long list of amenities that any prospective resident can find appealing. When you're going through the process of moving your elderly parent into a home, there's plenty that you can do to ease this transition. Your support can help reduce the challenges of this major life change and allow your parent a stress-free experience. Here are three ways you can help your parent during this time.

Meet With An Activities Coordinator

Among the chief benefits of moving into a retirement home is the easy access to a multitude of social and educational activities. While your elderly parent might feel overwhelmed by the change, set up a meeting with the home's activities coordinator to discuss all the ways your parent can get involved in the daily life of the home. Homes often have groups that gather for cards and board games, knitting, art, movies and even outings into the surrounding community. During this meeting, your parent will get the opportunity to share his or her favourite pastimes and see how they'll be in alignment with the retirement home's activities calendar.

Keep In Touch In Several Ways

Dropping by for in-person visits on evenings and weekends can help your parent remember that he or she is in your family's thoughts. While in-person visits are helpful, there are other ways that you can keep in touch. If your parent is adept with a computer or tablet, arrange a time for a video call with your spouse and children. Having your children send handwritten letters and cards -- a "Welcome to your new home" card is ideal -- is another way to remind your family member that you're thinking of him or her.

Ensure The Room Has Enough Personal Belongings

Retirement homes encourage residents to bring personal belongings to their new rooms to make them feel like home. If you're helping your parent move into the home, ensure that you're aware of what items are permitted and have an ample selection. Personal mementos such as artwork and family photos are ideal, but don't overlook the comfort your parent can find in a favourite sitting chair or cozy blanket. Decorative items, a cherished selection of books and even a guestbook to welcome visitors can all make the new living quarters feel like home.