• Three Ways To Help An Elderly Parent Settle Into A Retirement Home

    Making the move to a retirement home like Retirement Homes at Greenview Lodge can be a challenge for anyone, especially if he or she has spent several years living in the same home. This adjustment, however, can be pleasant. Modern retirement homes feature a long list of amenities that any prospective resident can find appealing. When you're going through the process of moving your elderly parent into a home, there's plenty that you can do to ease this transition.
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  • Types Of Senior Housing

    There comes a time when taking care of the family home all by yourself just doesn't make a lot of sense anymore. Why use all of your money and your energy mowing grass, mopping floors and painting window frames? If you're looking for a place to live after you retire, you may likely be confused about all of the different types of senior housing available in Canada these days. The truth is, there's something for most any need, from people who are independent, but don't want the burden of a large house anymore, to those who require continuous medical care.
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